• TIRANE_Bektashi

    Apartament me Qira 2+1 ne Tirane

    Apartament me Qira ne Tirane. Ngjitur me bulevardin Zogu I. Vetem 200 metra nga sheshi…

    nga380€/muaj Zbulo më shumë
  • ALTR535

    Apartament me Nje Dhome Gjumi me Qira ne Tirane

    APARTAMENTI me QERA ne TIRANE. Ky apartament ndodhet ne katin e 3-te te nje kompleksi…

    nga330€/muaj Zbulo më shumë
  • Tr_Arjani_100m2

    Apartament me Qira ne Tirane

    Apartament me qera ne Tirane. Apartament plotesisht i kompletuar ne rr. George Bush

    nga400€/muaj Zbulo më shumë
  • ALTR548

    Apartament ne Tirane me Qira ne Bllok

    Apartament ne Tirane me Qira me dy Dhoma Gjumi. Apartament i kendshem i cili ndodhet ne…

    nga600€/muaj Zbulo më shumë
  • ALTR516

    Zyre me Qira ne Tirane

    AMBJENTE ZYRE ne TIRANE me Qira. Zyre e kedeshme me tre dhoma, ne nje zone mjaft te mire…

    nga1300€/muaj Zbulo më shumë
  • ALTR070

    Apartmament me Qira prane Sheshit Skenderbej

    Apartament me Qira në Tiranë. Apartament i madh me dy dhoma gjumi. Pozicion shumë i…

    nga500€/muaj Zbulo më shumë
  • ALTR511

    Apartament i kendshem me dy dhoma me qira ne periferi te Tiranes

    APARTAMENT i kendshem me QIRA ne TIRANE . Apartamenti me dy dhoma gjumi ndodhet ne…

    nga900€/muaj Zbulo më shumë
  • ALTR564

    Apartament i kendshem me qira ne qender te qytetit te Tiranes

    Apartament i kendshem me qira ne Tirane. Apartament i madh me qira ne qenter te Tiranes.…

    nga2400€/muaj Zbulo më shumë
  • ALTR018

    Apartament me Qera ne Tirane. Dy Dhoma Gjumi

    Apartament me qira ne qender te Tiranes. Vetem 5 minuta nga sheshi Skenderbeg.

    nga500€/muaj Zbulo më shumë
  • ALTR559

    Apartament plotesisht i mobiluar me mobilje moderne dhe te reja me qira tek Liqeni i Thate, ne Tirane

    APARTAMENT MODERN me DY DHOMA GJUMI me QIRA ne TIRANE. Apartament i kendshem me qira ne…

    nga500€/muaj Zbulo më shumë
  • ALTR216

    Apartament ne Tiran eme Qera prane Liqenit dhe Parkut Kombetar

    Apartament me Qera ne Tirane. Krejt i mobiluar dhe me dy dhoma gjumi i pozicionuar prane…

    nga540€/muaj Zbulo më shumë
  • ALTR537

    Apartament me dy dhoma gjumi me qira, afer qendres se Tiranes

    APARTAMENT me DY DHOMA GJUMI me QIRA ne TIRANE. Apartamenti ndodhet ne nje prej rrugeve…

    nga400€/muaj Zbulo më shumë

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  • 30 Nëntor 2016 Clever, serious, diligent, sympathetic, highly active mediator who is always there for you. Always ready to help. And very trustworthy. And e.g. when we were excited about buying the apartment in Durrës, Ilir suggested we first tried to stay a weekend in a similar one, so we could really see if the apartment was something for us. Albania Property Group was very professional in their support and helped with furniture and various installations so we could fix everything at a distance.Agnete and Kjeld Hansen - Denmark
  • 22 Nëntor 2016 My wife and I knew nothing about Albania real estate when I decided to purchase an apartment in Saranda. I contacted several agents from a variety of agencies. Albania Property Group proved to be unmatched by any other agent in expertise, communication and enthusiasm. We have no problem recommending Albania Property Group to family, friends and colleagues in the future should they make the same decision as we did.Arnost Babicky - Czech Republic
  • 22 Nëntor 2016 I have received excellent service from Albania Property Group. Especially I would like to thank Ilir Konomi who has swiftly addressed the endless questions I have had during the whole process, which has progressed smoothly from the beginning. He has given me a lot of useful and honest advice when I was considering my options. Albania Property Group has also a professional service for furnishing and managing the apartment. I can warmly recommend this company if you are considering purchasing property in Albania.Marko Kuittinen - Finland

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