Finished Albania Property in Vlora. Sea View Apartments in Albania – Apartment for Sale – 58.3 m²

Finished apartments in Albania, Vlora. 30 min away from Llogara national park and Albanian Riviera. All apartments have 180 degree sea view, and are meters from the sea. The complex is approx 15 km south of Vlora City. This is a very good option for those who want to invest in a holiday apartment in southern coast of Albania and make rental income at same time. Buyers of this Albania estate will be able to list their property into our portfolio of Albania holiday rentals.

45.474 €/month

Apartment for Sale in Radhimë – 58.3 m²

Key Features

  • Finished apartments - ready to move in.
  • Apartments which enjoy the sun light during all the day.
  • Very good design utilizing efficiently the space inside.
  • Sea views for all apartments.
  • Double glazed windows with shutters.
  • Apartments are facing south - west.
  • Only 4 floors in every building.
  • Studio and 1 bedroom apartments.
  • Underground parking spaces available as well.
  • Urban quality in the beach of Radhima, south of Vlora
  • Bars and restaurant within few minutes from the residence

Airports close to the area

  • Ioannis Kapodistrias International (CFU), Corfu, Greece - 112.1 km
  • Lecce (LCC), Italy - 140.8 km
  • Tirana Rinas (TIA), Albania – 155 km
  • Casale (BDS), Brindisi, Italy - 162.5 km

About Radhima

Coastal area Radhime-Orikum lies on the east of Vlora bay with a lowland and hilly relief planted mainly with olives, oranges and mandarins. In west part the area lies Adriatic Sea with a very attractive coast for development of sea and sun tourism.

The area is characterized by a warm summer with a very good temperature for sunbathing and swimming during a 5 to 6 months a year. Due to these fantastic weather conditions in summer visitors can have 14 hours under the sun.

On the pother hand Radhima has a lot to offer in terms of cultural and historical tourism. Being on the national road that connects Vlora with Orikum, Himara and beyond to Saranda, there are many historical places of interest such as Kanina castle, ancient city of Amantia, Mavrovo, Orikum (ancient Orik), Himara with its castle as well etc. Historical data, many archaeological finds, and 19 cultural monuments, these are strong signs that the region has been among the most civilized in southern Albania.

The residential complex is also located just 10 min away from Archeological Park of Orik, an ancient city which dates from V-IV centuries BC.


Key Features

  • bar & restaurant
  • underground Garages
  • Resturant and Shops in the residence
  • 4 residential floor
  • 4 floors in the residence
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Lift

Location Details

  • 2 hrs hours from Tirana Airport
  • 140 kilometers from Tiranë
  • 15 kilometers from Vlora City Center
  • 15 meters from Beach in Vlora
  • 2 minutes from bar & restaurant
  • 20 minutes from Naval Port of Vlora

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