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  • 22 Maggio 2011 Мы с мужем 2 года пытались купить квартиру на море в Европе. А цены на новое жилье ой как кусаются. Прошлым летом нашли статью, что самую большую привлекательность имеет сейчас рынок курортной недвижимости Албании. Вышли на ”Albania Property Group” в Тиране. Цены нас очень порадовали, купить то же море, тот же кусочек Европы, но в разы дешевле. Ð’ конце лета поехали посмотреть и радовались каждому проведенному там дню. Кoмпания супер, встретили, проводили, все рассказали, все показали. Албанцы такие доброжелательные, просто класс. Везде с каждым находили общий язык. О, а какие у них фрукты и мед..... и вообще все очень дешево! Обошли в г.Саранда почти все строящиеся объекты и надо отдать должное, что конкретно “Albania Property Group” имеет лучшие месторасположения строительных объектов. Купили квартиру в центре г.Саранда с видом на море. Alena Leonidovna - Russia
  • 08 Maggio 2011 We had the pleasure of working with APG agent, Dori, in Saranda, as well as calls and emails with Ilir in Tirana and Sam in the USA. They are always very personable, approachable on any matter, professional, and knowledgeable! These agents are "always on the job", and they truly care about their clients. I look forward to seeing them again in a few months to sign off on our new flat!! A dream has come true for us in part due to these wonderful agents at APG!!! For which many thanks are expressed. Karen Thomas - Canada /India
  • 06 Maggio 2011 The information, guidance, prompt & timely responses and the support they gave, made us at ease in purchasing a holiday home in Saranda, Albania. They took time away from their family to drive me from Tirana to Saranda and show me around, and assist in the documents processing. We are happy customers and are happy to have friends in both Sam and Ilir. Thanks to Albania Property Group, we now have a facilities management service in place to look after the apartment. If anyone is looking to invest in Albania, I strongly advise meeting up with Ilir or contacting Sam. Many thanks guys. Sidney Soares - Malasya
  • 05 Maggio 2011 Since a couple of years we enjoy the very professional and friendly services oft he responsible persons of Albania Property group. We are very happy with their assistance in all belongings concerning rent and buy an apartment in Saranda.Hermine Hasengschwandtner - Austria
  • 04 Maggio 2011 You all doing a great job. Always keeping your promises.It has been nice to work with you. Same in finnish: Teette hyvää työtä, pidätte lupauksenne. On ollut mukava työskennellä kanssanne. Seppo Alamikkela - Finland
  • 30 Aprile 2011 Great support from purchase to rent. Nice guys, working hard and always of help. Doing a great job on all levels. Appreciate!Hans Dieter Blaser - Germany

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