• TIRANE_Bektashi

    Apartment for Rent in Tirana. Albania Real Estate

    Apartment for Rent in Tirana with two bedrooms. Located only 200 meters from Scanderbeg…

    from380€/month Find out more
  • Tr_Arjani_100m2

    Apartment for Rent in Tirana

    Tirana Rental Apartment. Fully furnished two bedroom apartment for rent in George Bush…

    from400€/month Find out more
  • ALTR548

    Two Bedrooms Apartment for Rent Near Blloku Area

    Apartment in Tirana for Rent with two bedrooms fully furnished. A nice apartment, located…

    from600€/month Find out more
  • ALTR516

    Office Space for Rent in Tirana

    OFFICE SPACE in TIRANA for RENT. Nice office with 3 rooms, in a very good location near…

    from1300€/month Find out more
  • ALTR070

    Apartment for Rent Close to Tirana City Center

    Apartment for Rent in Tirana. Big Apartment with two bedrooms. Very useful location near…

    from500€/month Find out more
  • ALTR511

    Nice Apartment for Rent in Tirana

    Nice APARTMENT for RENT in TIRANA . The apartment with two bedrooms is located outskirts…

    from900€/month Find out more
  • ALTR564

    Nice apartment for rent in the city center of Tirana

    Nice apartment for rent in Tirana. Big apartment for rent in the center of Tirana.…

    from2400€/month Find out more
  • ALTR229

    One Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Tirana

    One bedroom apartment for rent in Tirana. Nicely located in street Him Kolli. Just a few…

    from400€/month Find out more
  • ALTR018

    Apartment For Rent in Tirana near City Center

    Two bedroom apartment for rent in short distance from Scanderbeg square in Tirana city. A…

    from500€/month Find out more
  • ALTR559

    Fully furnished with modern and new furnitures apartments for rent at Dry Lake, in Tirana

    MODERN TWO BEDROOMS APARTMENT for RENT in TIRANA. Nice apartment for rent, in a very quit…

    from500€/month Find out more
  • ALTR216

    Two Bedroom Apartment in Tirana for Rent near Lake Side

    Nice APARTMENT for RENT in TIRANA, located near the lake of Tirana. Furnished two bedroom…

    from540€/month Find out more
  • ALTR537

    Two Bedrooms Apartment for Rent, near the center of Tirana

    TWO BEDROOMS APARTMENT for RENT in TIRANA. It's located in one the most know shops…

    from400€/month Find out more

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Reviews from our Customers

  • 10 December 2019 Ilir and his team in Saranda has proven to be the perfect agents for our realty purchase in Saranda. Professional services were provided from the earliest stage and we found the perfect match on our very first visit. The deal was closely assisted by Arta who made the whole process easy and painless, from the notary services to the property registration procedure. We were assisted by a designer who managed to diligently draw the furniture we wished for. All the following up (rental etc.) was done (and is still done!) by this highly professional team who managed to deliver proper services at the right price. We can only warmly recommend Albania Property Group. Best regards, VincentVincent Amoursky - France
  • 10 December 2019 Buying a home, no matter where, is always a stressful process. Residing in London, UK, I’ve been lucky enough to only have to go through the process twice – at least so far... Buying a holiday home, pretty much the very same concerns and stress associated with it; have I made the right choice? Is it the right location? Will everyone in the family be happy with the choice? What work will it need doing? How much is it going to cost? And... bathroom, kitchen, flooring, furniture... All the usual things that anyone that has purchased a property, will be fully aware of. Buying in Albania – those concerns were even greater: I simply didn’t know anyone local or have a family member that would be able to assist! Dealing with all the same issues of buying a home but over 2000km away... and not fully conversant with locals laws... or building regulations... not even knowing a convenient place to buy furniture (no, no Ikea in Albania)... The answer to all of those concerns was Albania Property Group! Something that I learnt later as, of course, I had lots of concerns initially. Few telephone calls and email exchanges with Ilir were enough to convince me to go and view a few properties that were recommended. From the very first meeting with Ilir, I felt at ease and developed the trust and belief that I was dealing with a professional and trusting individual, that had installed the same ethos in the organization that he runs. On my first visit Bekim Shabani - Kosovo & UK
  • 10 December 2019на Илир Кономи) нам удалось запустить виллу в эксплуатацию в рекордно короткие сроки. С помощью агентства APG нам сразу же, после закончения отделки и меблировки, удалось сдать в аренду нашу виллу, практически на весь сезон. Причем полное обслуживание (включая «консьерж Наше сотрудничество с Albania Property Group (Генеральный Директор гWadim and Dorota - Russia & Poland

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