Tirana Land – Tomt til salgs – 50000 m²

Albania Property Group has a 5 hectares plot of land available for sale in Albania capital - Tirana

9.000.000 €/mnd

Tomt til salgs i Tiranë – 50000 m²

Key Features:

  • For the past 6 years a fantastic growth rate of 40% rate and continues
  • The area is approved by the Albanian government to be used for trade shows, trade activities, store houses etc...
  • There are other showrooms next to the plot from some of the biggest companies in Albania such as Mercedes Benz, Ford Albania, Peugeot, Renault as well as foreign and local banks
  • More than 70% of the businesses are concentrated in Tirana and on both sides of the Tirana-Durres highway
  • Perfect location for shopping mall



Tirana Land - 5ha - Location
  • 5 minutter fra Tiranë sentrum

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